Bowen Technique


Bowen Therapy Can Unlock the Healing Power From Within

Are you one of those people who have tried everything to feel well again but nothing seems to help, or do you just want to try a different approach to helping yourself heal and be the best you can be?

Well, you may want to try the Bowen Technique, a new concept in body therapy from Australia. This therapy is becoming well known in assisting the body to release blockages, freeing it from the pain cycles it's been stuck in and begin self-healing.

Bowen Therapy is a new, holistic technique in body therapy from Australia. This dynamic therapy stimulates the body to let go of pain cycles (Ischemia) caused by traumas, stresses, and diseases. As these pain cycles are released, the healing abilities of the body are awakened, bringing pain relief and peace of mind. Benefits are usually apparent within 3 to 5 sessions.

Reiki Healing


Reiki Energy Healing

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Chakra Balancing


Chakra Balancing

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 "Dear Kasandra,

This is to thank you for your excellent services and expertise in the fields of Bowen, Aromatherapy and Massage. Every time I have a session with you in the last year I have benefited so very much and on so many level from your wonderful treatments.

The Bowen Therapy has helped me with longstanding pain in neck and back that other practitioners were unable to release, the massage have helped me relax and eliminate the cramps in my legs, and the Aromatherapy has nourished my physical and emotional being on a very deep level.

I cannot thank you enough for your help in managing my health in such a positive way and I gladly from Penn Valley all the way to Chico to enjoy your amazing services.

With gratitude, love, and light.” - Ursela

“Hi Kasandra,

Thank you so very much for you last Bowen treatment. I had pains underneath my breast for a long while and was about to have it checked out, but when I told you about it you did the Bowen Lymphatic drainage on it and the pains disappeared. I want to express my sincere gratitude for this. I can only imagine how many women could be helped by you and avoid terrible suffering. You way is so much more effective because it goes to the root of the problem- a clogged Lymphatic system.

Your treatments have always been outstanding, but now that you have added the bio-mat to your treatment tools they have become even more powerful. You are an amazing professional.

Wishing you the very best in life, love and work, in gratitude.” - Ursela Rabe, Feng Shui Master/ Astrologer/Artist

"Bowen Therapy has changed my life. I heard about Bowen from a co-worker of mine that has found great relief from her Fibromyalgia symptoms after using Bowen. I am 29 years old and at 27 was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I opted for a double mastectomy and after nine surgeries my reconstruction was complete. I lost most of my mobility and suffered pain in my left arm. I also received chemotherapy and this negatively affected my digestion, hair, skin and nail beds. I was also suffering from depression. I have gone to Bowen five times and have had amazing results. My stomach and digestion problems have practically disappeared. My symptoms of depression have lessened. My hair, skin and nails have greatly improved and they are the healthiest and strongest they have since before my diagnosis with cancer. The biggest change I have gained from this wonderful treatment is that I have an overall sense of well-being and peace with my body and mind. I feel that these treatments have saved my life, both physically and mentally.” - Charlene Armitage, Chico, CA