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The Chakras

The Chakras are a wonderous vortex of energy centers located at various parts of the body. Each chakra is connected to specific organs and parts of the body. They are the body's connection to the outside world, gathering energy and information to assist the body in staying balanced and in harmony. The Chakras are ever changing with the seasons and even with the time of day following the moon and sun cycles. As with everything in the body the Chakras are effected by and influence the person emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual states.

I find the Chakras very fascinating little matrixes and full of information about the person and the body's condition.

In my business I offer chakra readings and balancing to my clients. I also offer classes periodically so others can learn how to read them and possible help themselves and others by way of balancing the chakras and energywork.

Please contact me if you are interested in a class. I can put one together if people show interest.

I charge $30 to perform a chakra reading and for the energywork to rebalance if needed depends upon the time required. You can check my Fee page for what I charge for my therapy work.

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